The Darkening Shadows

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“The Darkening Shadows” follows Anna, a novelist living in New England, who is drawn into a confusing world of witchcraft, magic spells and intrigue as she explores the world of the occult. After adopting the Wicca religion, the effect on her life soon becomes apparent as she spirals deeper and deeper into a dark world of possession, spell casting, channeling spirits and human sacrifices. Those who enter her world become ensnared in her dark shadowy existence from which there is no escape.

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3 reviews for The Darkening Shadows

  1. Nikki M

    “The Darkening Shadows” kept my interest and left me wanting more. I enjoyed the unexpected twists and the suspense of what might happen next. You won’t be disappointed with this book.
    -Nikki M

  2. Jeff K

    I was drawn into “The Darkening Shadows” right from the start. Always something new and unexpected. Wallis is a great storyteller and you feel as if you are part of the action. Just the right amount of spooky without being too dark.
    -Jeff K

  3. Karen S

    You will be entertained by the variety of twists and turns in this excellent novel. “The Darkening Shadows” has a mix of characters and action that is unbeatable. I recommend this book highly.
    -Karen S.

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